Our Featured Products

GoFish Degies
Best "Degies" used for competition Angling, Our brand : Soet wit degie, Tartrazine, Caramel. We also have all the popular brands available depending on your needs.

Go Fish Angling Floaties
We have a wide range of floaties. Our most popular includes : Hippo Red, Hippo White, Jericho, Jericho Red, Hippo Green.

Go Fish Angling Spray's.
Wide range of spray's including Honey Plus, Hippo Red, Honey Glow, Hippo any flavour your looking for... we got it!!

Go Fish Angling Ultimate Popcorn
Go Fish Angling Ultimate Popcorn is one of our proud products used by competition anglers, we also have other brands that you wil need.

We are proudly sponsored by AWA-SHIMA and we have a wide range of Awa-shiwa products that you can choose from.

Super Cast GOO
We have a huge variety of flavour Goo's and other Super cast products that's a must have.

GoFish Soft floats
Various flavours

Custom Carp angling Case's
We build custom carp case's depending on your requirement exaclu how you want it.

Please see our Pricing page and download the price list to see more of our products.